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When is it time?
If you’ve lived in your own home for many years—or if you’re placed in a position in which you need to encourage a parent or other loved one to enter a skilled nursing or assisted living environment—making the move can be difficult. But, while the signs that someone is ready for such a move can be subtle or slow in coming on, there are a several things you or your loved one should be aware of.

When normal activities of daily living such as cleaning and cooking, taking medications, or just getting around become difficult, it might be time. When you’re worried about the care, nutrition, and general well-being of your loved one, it might be time. And when you’ve lost a loved one and feel lonely and out of the swing of life, it might be time.

At Aspen Ridge Lodge or Sombrillo Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we understand all these scenarios. That’s why our residents—and their families—become “family” to us, too. Come see us and find out for yourself!